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At Jeff Schmitt Auto Group, we have the cars and the brands for you. We stand behind every brand that we have on offer here, and we believe in offering superior inventories. We have a lot to offer including Chevrolets, Nissans, Cadillacs, Mazdas, and Mitsubishis. We want you to have all the options that you need to make the right decision for you. We have an absolutely ridiculous number of new vehicles on offer within Jeff Schmitt Auto Group. The staggering number of new vehicles here is frequently over 1000, but our selection does not stop there. We also offer a vast selection of pre-owned vehicles, of which nearly half are certified pre-owned.

We have dealerships all throughout Central Ohio including Fairborn, Columbus, Beavercreek, Miamisburg, and Alpha. This gives us a huge service area that extends to the very bounds of the Ohio state and out into neighboring states. If you live in Cincinnati, Dayton, Centerville, Vandalia, Middletown, Cleveland, or even Indianapolis, IN, then we are well worth the drive to come and visit. In addition to all the vehicles that we have on offer here, we also provide fantastic car care service to all our brands, and we even have a body shop to get that body of yours looking just like new again. You need to stop and see one of our Jeff Schmitt Auto Group dealerships here in Central Ohio. We promise we will not disappoint.

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I own two GMC Vehicles, 2011 Sierra Club Cab, and a 2012 Terrain that had several upgrades to it and only have service to both of them at your Dealership. I believe that the quality of workmanship at the Manufacture Dealership is second to none. I have always maintained my vehicles regular service as close to 5,000 miles as possible. I never have had any problems ... getting appointments that are convenient for me and truly believe that work performed at your service department is the best care for my vehicles. The atmosphere for customers is great and I believe that is a strong asset to have for repeat business, along with the service to the vehicles, and when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. I have always been the type person to buy American built vehicles. These are my first GMC Vehicles but have mostly owned GMC built Chevrolets. I believe in American built, and GMC built vehicles and will more than likely not own anything else but GMC built vehicles. Thank you for the excellent service, and great GMC built vehicles
Harold D.