How Shop by Payment Works

Shop By Payment with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group

Shopping for a New Car Has Never Been Easier

There are a number of advantages to shopping with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group over the competition, but now that experience is even sweeter with the new Shop by Payment tool. Easily use this new feature to find the perfect vehicle within your preferred monthly payment range.

The fastest and easiest way to get you into your new car is right here at your fingertips with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group. We know that shopping for a new vehicle can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be when you work with us! We’re thrilled to introduce our valued customers to this innovative new feature, but what is this Shop by Payment feature anyway? It’s a new and user-friendly way to search for vehicles that actually match the price and monthly payments that you desire, to the vehicle you truly want to drive home in. It takes a limited amount of information to give you maximum shopping results for your new vehicle to help save you time and money.

It Does the Math For You

Not only does this new tool give you a clear picture of cars that suit your needs and fit your budget, it also automatically calculates for manufacturer incentives and other specials that apply to your purchase. You don’t have to do the extra research or guesswork to determine what your month-to-month payment would actually look like; the Shop by Payment tool computes everything for you in a clear and precise manner. Shopping for a new vehicle with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group has never been better.

Zero Impact on Your Credit

When you Shop by Payment with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group you can rest assured that your credit will remain unaffected by this feature. We do a soft pull on your credit history that has zero impact on your actual credit score. We can gather this information safely and without even having to use your social security number. Your privacy is important to us, which is why we love this new tool. It’s a hassle-free way for our customers to receive the best financial picture available when shopping for the car they’ve been dreaming about. Realize that dream, start Shopping by Payment now by filling out the form below.




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Fast, Simple, Easy Shopping

At Jeff Schmitt Auto Group, our goal is to WOW you. We’re simply not satisfied with a typical car-buying experience for our guests. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of Chevy product specialists take great care to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while shopping for your new vehicle. With the help of our new Shop By Payment feature, you get to experience that same comfort and ease right from your own living room. When you’re ready to head to our showroom, you’ll already have a clear idea of your payment options in mind and won’t find any surprises when you arrive.

You can expect only the best when you’re working with Jeff Schmitt so begin your search right here.  Fill out the Shop by Payment form below to get results that are true to your desired budget and find your new car now.

Shop By Payment with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group