Toyotas for Sale in Dayton OH


Used Toyota Camry Dayton OH


Engine Quality

Toyota has always had a good reputation for quality and their engines are no exception..

Fuel Economy

With the up and down of gas prices, it’s good to know that Toyota has a focus on economy.


They aren’t a luxury brand but in many cases you wouldn’t think that when driving one.


As one of the top technology companies in automotive, Toyota tries to stay cutting edge.

Safety Features

Most vehicles are safer than in the past, but a good used Toyota can keep your family safe.


Driving a used Toyota is a statement about who you are – sensible, practical, and efficient.


Toyota is a Popular Brand in Dayton

At Jeff Schmitt, we always keep a strong inventory or pre-owned Toyota vehicles ready for test drive and purchase. They can make for a great option and excellent comparison tool if you’re in the market for one of our other makes or models. The reason is simple: Dayton and the surrounding areas in Ohio really like Toyota as a brand.

Of course, we also get a lot of Toyota vehicles that come in as local trades. This is an imporant part of how we serve the Dayton area because it allows us to have the most robust used car inventory around. This gives you choices that you won’t find at other dealerships, something that we know you appreciate. Our customers tell us all the time that having all of the available options for comparison is a key to our success. If any of the popular brands make it, we probably have it right here.

Come by and see why we’re the most popular dealer group in the area. It’s not all about Toyota, after all. It’s about you, the customer. That’s our focus. Always has been and always will be. Call or come by any of our locations or browse this website to see our amazing selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, including Toyota.


Used Toyota Dayton Ohio

Why We Stock So Many Pre-Owned Toyotas

There are two primary reasons that our inventory is always loaded with plenty of choices for Toyota buyers in Dayton. The first reason comes down to popularity. It’s the type of brand that many people consider. If you’re looking at a Nissan, for example, there’s a good chance that you would like to compare it to a Toyota. The brands are very similar in philosophy and quality. Even the designs are often compared favorably with each other.

Other than Chevrolet, Toyota is the most prevalent brand in the Dayton area,  and all across Ohio. We believe that there’s a real need to service all of the car shoppers in the area at Jeff Schmitt, so having plenty of Toyota vehicles makes sense.

The other reason we keep a strong Toyota inventory is because we’re the most popular non-Toyota dealership in the area when it comes to trading in your current Toyota. We are always the top dollar when it comes to trade values because we rely on our customers to keep out inventory levels as high as possible. Come by any Jeff Schmitt store and see how we can help you!