Easycare Warranty – Vehicle Coverage Options at Jeff Schmitt Auto Group

Explore your Vehicle Coverage Options with the Jeff Schmitt Auto Group in Dayton OH.

Explore your Vehicle Coverage Options with an EasyCare Warranty

When it comes to protecting your investment for the long haul, the team at Jeff Schmitt Auto Group has all the options you need and more. Check out these Easycare Warranty Vehicle Coverage Options and discover all the ways you can increase the coverage for your new car today.

Your trusted Jeff Schmitt Auto Group has partnered up with EasyCare in order to bring you all the coverage you need for your next new vehicle. While we’ll always have your back with certified service and convenient pre-approved financing terms, you can make so much more of your new ride when you add on these additional coverage options. From dent repair to tire and wheel replacements, EasyCare warranty has a number of ways to protect your new ride for years to come.

EasyCare VSC Silver

The EasyCare Vehicle Service contract provides four varying levels of coverage so we can cater to your specific needs, helping you protect your investment from unexpected repair costs and even and increase your trade-in value. Not only does this cover the cost of parts and labor on repairs that the manufacturer’s warranty might not cover, but the most popular coverage option also includes tire and wheel road hazard protection.

EasyCare Gap Coverage Vehicle Coverage Options with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group.

EasyCare GAP

While we don’t like to think about the possibilities, it is important to plan for unfortunate events.  Should an accident occur and your vehicle becomes totaled, GAP coverage is a powerful tool to have on your side. When your vehicle is deemed a total loss, GAP coverage will lift the financial burden caused by negative equity off your shoulders by covering the difference between the actual cash value and the balance of your loan.

EasyCare Dent Repair

Imagine being able to keep your vehicle looking showroom-new for the first year – for free. With the EasyCare Paintless Dent Repair that can be your reality.  With this coverage, you can swing by the dealership up to two times during the first year of ownership to get any fresh dings or dents smoothed out and have your car looking better than ever.  

EasyCare KeyCare

We’ve all been there before and there’s no shame in it.  It happens so often that EasyCare even offers a service to help you out during these hard times… when you lock yourself out of your car! The KeyCare protection from EasyCare provides services including key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, recovery and identity protection, and covered transportation so that you never have to resort to using a wire clothes hanger to get into your car again.

EasyCare PowerLife – for Cadillac Models Only

PowerLife is an incredible warranty available for Cadillac owners that covers the most important parts of your vehicle for as long as you own it — regardless of the amount mileage you put on it and how old the car becomes in your care. With this level of coverage you can drive worry-free for years, maybe even decades, to come.

EasyCare Select and Select Plus

The most popular benefits package we offer, EasyCare Select includes a variety of preselected coverage items ranging from windshield repair, paint scratch repair and key replacement so that you ge the best coverage available. Get all of this at one price and all in one package today and add to the overall resale value of your car.

EasyCare DriverCare Vehicle Coverage Options with Jeff Schmitt Auto Group.

EasyCare DriverCare

Drivers often forget about the rubber that actually puts their vehicle on the pavement.  With DriverCare, your tires have three levels of coverage options that can repair or replace your wheels and tires when damaged from road hazards. It also has additional benefits such as Roadside Assistance, rental, and trip interruption to cover you as well.

No matter where the open road takes you, Jeff Schmitt Auto Group has your back.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

There are so many different ways the team here at Jeff Schmitt Auto Group goes further for you than the competition. Between the EasyCare warranty coverage options and our second-to-none Jeff Schmitt Advantage you can drive home confidently knowing that no matter where the open road takes you, Jeff Schmitt Auto Group has your back.

Get the Greatest Options at the Best Dealership

Whether you want GAP Coverage to cover your finances in unfortunate circumstances or a quick and easy key replacement when you’ve accidentally lost yours, you can get the coverage you need with EasyCare.

There are a number of different coverage options to consider with EasyCare in order to achieve the greatest peace of mind for when you’re ready to drive home in your new car from Jeff Schmitt Auto Group. Fill out the form below to gather more information about EasyCare warranty coverage or call us at 877-800-JEFF so we can answer all of your questions in as much detail as you need. We want you to feel confident behind the wheel of your new ride, so reach out and let us help you get the coverage you need today.