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Jeff’s Heroes is Back in 2024!

The Jeff Schmitt Auto Group is back with our Jeff’s Heroes initiative! This time, we’re choosing FOUR FINALISTS throughout the year; one of whom will be named the ultimate Jeff’s Hero for 2024!

That means, more nominations, more voting for your favorite, and most importantly, even more recognition and prizes for our local community heroes!

Now, instead of two Jeff’s Heroes winners, we’ll be able to choose, celebrate, and reward FOUR different finalists in 2024!

Each of the four finalists will receive a $5,000 CASH PRIZE and have the chance to be named the ultimate Jeff’s Hero for 2024 – receiving the grand prize of $20K towards a new or used vehicle, plus another $10K in CASH!




The Mefford Family’s Inspiring Story of Hope and Courage Honored in Jeff’s Heroes Initiative



The Jeff Schmitt Auto Group is thrilled to announce Austin and Olivia Mefford as the second finalists in our 2024 Jeff’s Heroes Initiative. This recognition comes with a $5,000 check and a chance to be voted on for the 2024 Jeff Heroes award, where they could win a new car and an additional $10,000 in cash.

The Mefford family’s journey has been one of incredible resilience and unwavering hope. Their 3-year-old daughter, Blakely, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer late last year. After months of intense chemotherapy, it became clear that Blakely needed a liver transplant. The family received the life-changing news of a matching liver over Memorial Day weekend, and the surgery was successfully completed on May 25, 2024.

Just two days after this joyous moment, tragedy struck again when the family’s car was stolen from their driveway. The van, filled with essential items for hospital stays and Blakely’s care, was a crucial part of their daily lives. Despite these hardships, Austin and Olivia have shown remarkable strength and kindness, continuing to support their children and each other through every challenge.

“Austin and Olivia are some of the kindest, most loving people you could ever meet,” said a family friend. “Their perseverance through such difficult times is truly inspiring. They never lose hope and are always there for others, despite everything they have been through.”

The Mefford family, including their 6-year-old son Hudson, has faced these trials with grace and courage. Their story exemplifies the spirit of Jeff’s Heroes, highlighting the importance of community, compassion, and resilience.

The Jeff Schmitt Auto Group is honored to support the Mefford family and share their story. Each finalist in the Jeff’s Heroes Initiative receives a $5,000 check and the opportunity to be voted on for the grand prize: a new car and an additional $10,000 in cash.

Click here to visit Blakely Mefford’s Support Fund Against Cancer (gofundme.com)

Casey Tingley is the First Jeff’s Heroes Finalist in 2024!



The Jeff Schmitt Auto Group proudly announces Casey Tingley as the first finalist in our 2024 Jeff’s Heroes initiative. Tingley’s exceptional leadership and selfless dedication to his community in the aftermath of devastating tornadoes have earned him this distinguished recognition.

When tornadoes struck the Dayton area, leaving destruction in their wake, Casey Tingley emerged as a beacon of hope. With a heart of gold, Tingley rallied over 250 volunteers to assist with cleanup efforts and provide aid to families affected by the disaster.

“Casey is an outstanding individual with the biggest heart. He has been working tirelessly since day one, organizing and providing support to those in need,” said a local resident. “Despite being self-employed, he took several days off to lead relief efforts and provide assistance to tornado victims.”

Tingley’s selflessness and dedication know no bounds. Despite the challenges and exhaustion, he continues to serve his community, exemplifying true heroism. “This man is already heading back out to some of those areas to help these victims,” added one of Casey’s nominators.

With a young family to support, including his wife and three daughters, with a new baby on the way, Casey Tingley’s commitment to helping others reflects his exceptional character as a husband, father, friend, and hard worker.

“Casey’s efforts have been nothing short of spectacular,” expressed a neighbor affected by the tornadoes. “He’s working hard and for free, demonstrating his genuine concern for others and the community at large.”

Casey Tingley is the first of four finalists in the Jeff’s Heroes Initiative for 2024. Each finalist will receive a check for $5,000 and the opportunity to be voted on for our 2024 Jeff Heroes initiative, where they stand to win a new car and an additional $10,000 in cash.

What Is Jeff’s Heroes?

We started our Jeff’s Heroes Initiative after hearing some truly inspiring stories shared with us by community members on social media. These were stories of local heroes, military veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and ordinary people giving so much of themselves to help others in need.

The stories of these individuals stirred us into action and we committed ourselves to do even more in support of our neighbors in the Greater Dayton community.

For the past three years, we were thrilled to see the outpouring of support for each of our nominees and the incredible community response and involvement to cheer on these tremendous people.

The best part is, you have the say in who becomes a Jeff’s Heroes finalist! Each nominee we select comes straight from you, and each finalist is chosen as a result of public voting. Our four previous heroes – Donna Ruff, Nicole Adkins, Connie McEldowney, and Shawn Egbert were chosen based directly on your votes!

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the heroes among us; to lift up those in our community who lift others by their own good work and efforts.

We hope that you’ll join us once again to share your stories and put a spotlight on the best of us to help select our 2024 Jeff’s Hero!

Jeff's Heroes - Nominees to Be! Who will be next?

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